Puzder’s Problems

Puzder’s Problems

The White House is being urged by Senate Republicans to pull Andrew Puzder nomination for Labor Secretary. Mr. Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc (Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Green Burrito, and Red Burrito) needs a minimum of 50 votes for confirmation. And that is dependent on Vice President Mike Pence casting a vote to break the tie.

Mr. Puzder faces serious opposition from Senate Democrats over his opposition to minimum-wage increases, the widespread labor-law violations, and employing an undocumented housekeeper. He also has answered to domestic abuse allegations dating back to the 1980s. Mr, Puzder’s ex-wife has since retracted those claims, but the damage is done.





I seriously can’t believe this guy is an option. The choice for Labor Secretary is a guy who advocates turning his restaurants into automated kiosk. These restaurants currently employ 20,000 people. He is also responsible for the gross “Put it in my Mouth” campaign, which basically equated eating hamburgers to sucking dick. And on a personal level, using a swimsuit clad Paris Hilton washing a Bentley to pimp fast food — have a little self respect.

In a Presidential cabinet defined by greed, misogyny, and spite, this guy is a cut above the rest. The troubling thought is if there is a bigger prick out there for the job, Mr. Trump will find him.


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