From Russia Without Love

During a March 20th 2017 five-hour hearing before the House Intelligence Committee, FBI Director James Comey confirmed the FBI is actively investigating allegations that members of President Trump’s 2016 Campaign team worked with the Russians to influence the election outcome.

“We’re investigating whether there was any coordination between people associated with the Trump campaign and the Russians,” Comey said.

And yesterday, the Associated Press reported that in 2005 Paul Manafort collaborated with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska to advance the interests of the Russian government.

Mr. Manafort is the former campaign chairman for President Trump. He left the Trump campaign in August 2016 due to questionable financial dealings with several Russian organizations.

Mr. Manafort is a well established GOP operative, and his client list reads like a collection of Bond villains. Mr. Manafort has worked/lobbied for such distasteful assholes as Ferdinand Marcos, Mobutu Sese Seko, and Jonas Savimbi.

He also represented former Ukrainian president  Viktor Yanukovych. Mr. Yanukovych, who now lives in exile in Russia, is wanted by the Ukrainian government for high treason.

And for those keeping score, former Trump National Security Adviser and raging Islamophobic d-bag Michael Flynn was forced out of his position after lying about talks he had with the Russian Ambassador.

Despite what they say, the Trump Administration has a Russia problem. And it isn’t going away anytime soon.


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