Slate’s Nonsense

During today’s confirmation hearing of Rod Rosenstein, President Trump’s selection for the number two position at the Justice Department, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley criticized Minnesota Senator Al Franken over a perceived “gotcha question” Mr. Franken asked then Senator Jeff Sessions during his January confirmation hearing.

This story comes from Slate, an online liberal/progressive magazine covering various political, international, social, and cultural topics. Personally, I don’t consider Slate a liberal or progressive. Like The Daily Beast and other supposedly liberal publications, Slate basically carries water for establishment Democrats.

My problem with this article is the labeling the interaction as “yelling” or a “blowup” when it isn’t anything more than Grassley whining. Seriously, the Senator from Iowa sounds like an old man bitching about cold oatmeal and kidney stones.

And this is the problem with our media. When whining passes for yelling, what does yelling really look like? What is hostile political discourse? Either they are obsessed titillating headlines aimed at generating hits, or they’re just as whinny as Mr. Grassley.

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