2018 and Beyond

Things here at State of the Superpower became very busy during 2017. Life commitments, combined with Trump fatigue, combined to shut us down for the second half of the year. Actually, politics became too ugly. Instead of the usual policy/political differences, discourse degenerated to unacceptably  nasty levels . Political coverage became an unpleasant chore.

However, the new year brings new opportunities. Granted, the daily Trump outrage is omnipresent, but we are facing a critical year. The 2018 off-year elections  are only 11 months away, meaning there will be plenty of interesting and varied political topics to cover. After two years of Trumpism, this year we  determine the type of nation we are.

In addition, we here at State of the Superpower intend to broaden coverage to include international news, social commentary,  film/pop culture, and sports. We also want to expand our military and economic coverage. In short, the goal is to expand into more than a political blog.

For full disclosure, our writers do lean left politically. That being said, we’re not here to act as an echo chamber offering prepackaged liberal ideas. We want to look at both sides of a topic, and support what  works. If our writers can take both liberal and conservative readers out of their comfort ones, then we are achieving our goal.

So buckle up buttercups, it’s going to be a rough ride.

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