Congress and 2018

With the holidays over, Congress returns to work with a Republican majority wishing to advance their agenda. Unfortunately, there isn’t an agenda to advance. With a slim Senate majority and mid-term elections in November, Republicans can’t realistically accomplish anything without bipartisan support.

There is talk of bipartisan legislation on infrastructure and welfare reform, but for now it’s just talk. Democrats know Republican candidates are saddled with an unpopular president. They also know tax reform, their only major legislative victory, has a below 50% approval rating. There is absolutely no incentive to give Republicans even modest legislative victories.

The scorched earth/talk radio policies used by Republicans, combined with Mr. Trump’s vicious personal attacks, have destroyed any chance of Congress actually functioning.  The Congress of 2017 showed us these kids can’t play together. It’s time for Democrats to take their ball, go home, and wait for 2019.